Tenant Portal

Empower Your Tenants with ColivHQ's Tenant Portal

A dedicated space for tenants to manage their living experience, enhancing satisfaction and retention.

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The Ultimate Tenant Experience Begins Here

ColivHQ’s Tenant Portal is more than just a feature—it’s a commitment to providing tenants with autonomy, clarity, and a seamless living experience.


Self-Service Dashboard

Tenants can view their lease details, payment history, and upcoming renewals, ensuring they always have access to vital information.


Rent Payments & Billing

Simplify rent payments. Tenants can view bills, set up recurring payments, and receive instant receipts.


Maintenance Requests

No more phone calls or emails. Tenants can submit maintenance requests directly through the portal, track progress, and receive updates.


Communication Channel

An integrated communication platform allows tenants to send queries, receive announcements, and stay connected with property management companies.


Event & Community Board

Foster community engagement by allowing tenants to view upcoming events, join community groups, or even create their own events.

Importance of the Tenant Portal

Why the Tenant Portal is a Game-Changer:


Designed with Tenants in Mind

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Elevate the Tenant Experience with ColivHQ's Tenant Portal

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