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Automate rent billing, track expenses, and provide tenants with clear financial insights, all in one integrated platform.

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Seamless Financial Management for Modern Property Managers

ColivHQ’s Rent & Expense Management system is designed to simplify the financial aspects of property management, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and efficiency at every step.


Automated Rent Billing

Set up rent bills once a tenant is onboarded. Our system ensures that bills are generated automatically and reflect in the tenant portal, eliminating manual errors and saving time.


Transparent Tenant Portal Integration

Tenants can view their rent bills, payment history, and upcoming dues in their dedicated portal, fostering transparency and trust.


Expense Tracking & Allocation

Easily track expenses related to property maintenance, utilities, or other activities. Attach expenses directly to a tenant's account when necessary, ensuring accurate financial records.


Financial Reporting

Generate detailed financial reports to gain insights into income, outstanding payments, and expenses. Make informed decisions based on real-time data.


Payment Reminders & Notifications

Automated reminders ensure timely rent payments. Tenants receive notifications for upcoming dues, ensuring clarity and punctuality


Secure Online Payments

Tenants can make secure online payments directly through their portal, simplifying the payment process and ensuring quick transaction completion.

Importance of Efficient Rent & Expense Management

Setting the Gold Standard in Financial Management:

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Benefits for Property Managers

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