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Efficiently manage all aspects of landlord relationships, from contracts to communications, all within a centralized platform.

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Seamless Landlord Management for the Modern Property Manager

ColivHQ’s Landlord Management system is your comprehensive tool for nurturing and maintaining strong, transparent relationships with landlords.


Contract Management

Store and manage all landlord contracts digitally. Ensure timely renewals, updates, and access to contract details anytime, anywhere.


Payment Tracking & Reminders

Keep track of all payments due to landlords. Set up automated reminders to ensure timely and accurate payments, maintaining trust and financial transparency.


Communication Centre Integration

Foster clear and consistent communication with landlords. Send updates, address queries, and maintain a log of all interactions.


Reporting & Analytics

Generate detailed reports on property performance, rental income, and expenses. Provide landlords with insights and updates, fostering transparency.


Document Repository

Store all relevant documents, from property deeds to inspection reports, in a secure and organized digital repository.


Feedback & Issue Resolution

Allow landlords to provide feedback or raise concerns. Address issues promptly and maintain a positive relationship.

Importance of Efficient Landlord Management

Building Trust and Transparency:

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