Tenant Events & Offer Management

Elevate Community Engagement with ColivHQ's Events & Offers

A dedicated platform for tenants to discover offers, join events, and foster a vibrant community.

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Building Communities, One Event at a Time

ColivHQ’s Events & Offer Management feature is designed to enhance tenant engagement, promote community interactions, and provide value through exclusive offers.


Discover Exclusive Offers

Tenants can explore a range of exclusive offers tailored for them, from local businesses to online services, ensuring they always get the best deals.


View & Join Events

From community BBQs to yoga sessions, tenants can view upcoming events, RSVP, and even see who's attending.


Host Personal Events

Empower tenants to take the lead. Whether it's a book club, movie night, or a cooking class, tenants can create and host their own events.


Cross-Portfolio Engagement

Break the barriers! Allow tenants from different properties in your portfolio to connect, join, and host events, fostering a larger community spirit.

Importance of Events & Offer Management

Why Events & Offers Matter:

Benefits for Tenants

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Transform Tenant Engagement with ColivHQ's Events & Offers

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