Communication Centre

Centralize Your Communications with ColivHQ

Manage all tenant communications effortlessly, from template creation to activity tracking, all within our integrated Communication Centre.

ColivHQ commmunication centre for coliving management software


Streamlined Communication for Modern Property Managers

ColivHQ’s Communication Centre is your hub for all tenant interactions, ensuring clarity, efficiency, and a record of every touchpoint.


Template Creation & Management

Craft and store communication templates for various scenarios. Whether it's a rent reminder, maintenance update, or community event, ensure consistent messaging with a single click.


One-Click Communications

Send out communications to tenants with just a click. No need to draft repetitive messages; our system ensures timely and accurate delivery.


Multi-Channel Integration

Whether it's email, SMS, or in-app notifications, ensure your message reaches tenants through their preferred communication channel.


Activity Timeline & Audit Log

Track every communication sent, received, and acknowledged. Our activity timeline provides a clear audit log, ensuring transparency and accountability.


Automated Notifications & Reminders

Set up automated notifications for various events, ensuring tenants are always informed and engaged.


Feedback & Response Management

Allow tenants to respond directly through the Communication Centre. Manage feedback, address concerns, and foster open communication.

Importance of the Communication Centre

Enhancing Tenant Relationships:

call your coliving tenant from within colivhq communciation centre

Benefits for Property Managers

Powering Effective Communication

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