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Efficiently create, manage, and renew tenant contracts and documents, all in one centralized platform.

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Seamless Document Management for Modern Property Managers

ColivHQ’s Contract & Document Management feature is designed to simplify the complexities of tenant documentation, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and ease of access.


Contract Creation & Templates

Easily create contracts using customizable templates. Ensure consistency and compliance with every new tenant agreement.


Centralized Document Repository

Store all tenant-related documents in a secure, organized, and easily accessible digital repository. No more sifting through physical files or disparate digital folders.


Automated Renewals

Set reminders for contract renewals and automate the renewal process, ensuring no lapses and maintaining continuous tenant relationships.


Digital Signature Integration

Integrate with third party signature tools, to speed up the contract signing process with integrated digital signatures. Secure, compliant, and efficient.


Compliance & Security

Rest assured, all documents are stored with top-tier security protocols. Plus, our system helps ensure compliance with local rental regulations.

Importance of Contract & Document Management

Why Efficient Document Management is Crucial:

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