The ultimate list of coliving places in Singapore

coliving spaces in singapore

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A handy list of all 39 coliving options available in Singapore

Since there is no Expedia or Agoda for coliving, we thought of making a list of all available options. Hopefully, this list will help anyone relocating to Singapore, moving out of their current long-term lease and wanting some flexibility, or looking for a more convenient and social way of living in the city.

Coliving has been a topic in Singapore media for some time now, mainly because real estate in Singapore is a key area of interest (“recent” coverage includes: I visited 3 co-living spaces in Singapore and think it’s more worth it than renting a HDB flatAll together now: The growing co-living scene in Singapore and Co-living operators upbeat as they look to demand from new segments, by The Business Times, which estimates the number of coliving operators in Singapore to only ten). While some journalists and bloggers have reviewed a few places, if one would like to get a full view of the coliving landscape, it would take some work patching together various sources. We did that work for you!

For an update version of this list, check out this:

Here is the list of coliving options in Singapore

The description is our understanding of their positioning and offering, solely based on publicly available information (no, we haven’t spoken, seen or stayed at the properties). Strictly in alphabetical order:


Coliving in Singapore since 2013 (it may officially be the first coliving company in the city).

Casa Mia Casa Tua

Newcomer to coliving in Singapore, with bedrooms across six apartments in central locations, and an Italian flair to it.

Co-living Marina Bay

As the name suggests, rooms around the bay. No website available at this time.


A brand of real estate management service company LHN Group, focused on coliving buildings outside of the core central area. No website available at this time.


The Singapore arm of the Korean leader in coliving, focusing on shared apartments (with 52 rooms listed, across 18 apartments, as we write).


Coliving building in Pasir Panjang by real estate developer Hong How Corporation and TS Group, calling themselves “Singapore’s first and only collaborative living and collaborative working space.


Singapore-based coliving company, started by expats for expats, with lots of locations all over the city, one of the widest selection of options (235 rooms listed in Singapore as we write).

Cozy Rooms

New coliving operator launched in January 2020. No website available at this time.

CP Residences

Homegrown company with 27 apartments listed in Singapore and a long list of places all over the U.S. and the world.

The Crib

Newcomer to coliving in Singapore, with a handful of bedrooms across eight apartments in central locations. 

Earth Property Management

Focused on the lower end and locations inside of HDB, only option on the list with really affordable rooms. No website available at this time.

Easy City

Singaporean company acquired by Dash Living (from Hong Kong) earlier this year. Ten apartments listed in Singapore, and some rebranding is happening soon, according to their website.

Expat Accommodation

“Serviced apartments and corporate residences for temporary or long-term rent in Singapore” since 2015.


Took the concept of shophouse sharing to a whole new level. 12 shophouses currently listed.


Latest comer to the Singapore scene, with two newly launched highly styled apartments (and one more coming up soon).

Hei Homes

Homegrown brand with 15 homes in Singapore in central Singapore.


A more established company with 49 locations currently listed on their website for Singapore, across a mix of coliving buildings and apartments for sharing.


Homegrown company. No website available at this time.

Kampong Living

“Curated coliving space with numerous amenities and services to make your stay at Kampong Living a pleasure.”

The Keystone

Branded as “the ultimate MBA residential experience”, it offers affordable bedrooms in townhouses in Holland Village (mainly) to INSEAD students.

Login Apartment

Singaporean arm of Shanghai-based serviced apartment company Mamahome, with 11 apartments in Singapore and a focus on expats.

Lyf by Ascott

The coliving brand of CapitaLand, more hotel than coliving.


New coliving operator launched in December 2019. No website available at this time.


Newcomer to coliving in Singapore, with stylish bedrooms across ten apartments in central (and semi-central) locations.


Homegrown company with ten apartments listed in Singapore.


A local operator with five coliving locations in Singapore and a strong focus on community building.

Savvy Coliving

New coliving operator launched in 2019, with “over 400 rooms” according to their website (no info about the rooms available on the web, at this point).

Socius Living

A new operator with an emphasis on community and a location in Tanjong Pagar and one in Orchard.

Space Commune

New coliving operator launched in October 2019. No website available at this time.

ST Residences Lite

The coliving brand of the homonymous service apartment company.

Stage 6

First (and only) thematic coliving community in Singapore.

Springboard Coliving

“Co-living startup based out of Singapore delighting inbound expats by providing luxury rooms and lifestyle services. Currently offering over 50 rooms that people from over 25 countries call home.” No website available at this time.

The Assembly Place

The latest addition to the coliving scene in Singapore, with apartments in three locations in central Singapore.

The Shophouse Series

The inventor of the concept of sharing a shophouse among expats, and in 2013 got some great coverage from the New York Times for it: Seeking ambience of Singapore’s streets


One of the very first coliving companies in Singapore with emphasis on community.


French operator with a handful of apartments in Singapore, solely focused on international students.


One more newcomer to Singapore, with a handful of bedrooms across three apartments in central locations.

Xcel Apartments

Homegrown brand with four apartments outside of central Singapore (in more cost effective location).

85 Soho

Another brand of real estate management service company LHN Group, operating a few coliving buildings in Singapore (and more).

In summary

Anyone looking for coliving accommodation in Singapore has a wide variety of options to choose from: 39 operators for a city of 5.5 million people is indeed many choices available! While having choice is great, exploring and understanding all options thoroughly may be daunting… Would you like to narrow down your search quickly? Here are a few tips.

First, if you are a student check out the student specific options (starting with XACCO or The Keystone, if going to INSEAD), if fits into one specific thematic community check that out (Stage 6).

Second, if you are looking for convenience, focus on those with a great online experience. If they do not provide a convenient experience from the beginning… when will they? A great experience includes:

  1. Virtual tours–these companies use 3D virtual tours to save you time: Casa Mia Casa Tua (The Inspira), Cove (Cove 61) although only for their newer homes, Hmlet (468 Joo Chiat), and Room8 (42 South Buona Vista). 
  2. Availability–most companies let you browse their inventory and show real time what’s available. It’s just part of a good and easy house-hunting process.
  3. Housemates–these companies include some profile information about the current housemates: Casa Mia Casa Tua, Cove, and YOLOlive.

Third, “location, location, location” still applies to coliving (yes, it’s still real estate). Have a clear idea of what’s important to you. Some people value a place like Robertson Quay for its proximity to F&B venues even though it does not have any MRT stops nearby (Grab and GoJek to the CBD are only a few dollars after all). Others want to be on the same line as their place of work (which makes Newton-Novena appealing, exactly because of its access to the MRT). Have your criteria clear and use those in your search.

For an update version of this list, check out this:

Enjoy your search and your stay in Singapore!