The ultimate list of coliving places in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong looks like a perfect place for coliving, with its extremely high cost of real estate and large young expat population. Nevertheless, coliving is relatively new (the first operators have been active only since 2018) and the supply is still fairly limited (with 17 operators accounting for an estimated inventory of approx 2,000 rooms). 

COVID-19 aside, it seems that cash-rich operators are looking for more space to expand, at least according to this JLL article – Why investors are getting creative in Hong Kong’s coliving market. It makes sense to us, also based on our blog post How landlords can get higher returns with coliving, which sees Hong Kong as one of the places with the highest increase in rental yield for coliving properties vs. residential properties).

While we wait and see how coliving expands in the city post COVID-19, here is the list of places currently available.

The list of coliving options in Hong Kong

The below list is presented in alphabetical order:


Coliving building in Kowloon, geared towards people 18-38 years of age who are willing to share their large rooms with a few other roommates in exchange for more affordable accommodation and a close-knit community.


Coworking and coliving combined, focused mostly on the coworking arm’s business corporate customers who are looking for flexible and affordable accommodation for their employees.


Studios and shared flats across central Hong Kong. 


A new interesting coliving concept, in a building (in Sheung Wan) centered around community development across generations — or as they describe it: “Future Affordable and Liveable Share Housing in Hong Kong | Multiple Generations under One Roof”

Commune Co-living

Coliving building managed by an hospitality group (Tang’s Living Group), which can be booked for one night or for longer stays.

Dash Living

Dash Living manages over 400 units of coliving homes and serviced apartments for rent in Hong Kong. We offer studio and 1-bedroom flats tailored to the lifestyle of urban professionals.

In January 2020, Dash Living entered the Singapore market with the acquisition of the local operator EasyCity.


In 2018 Hmlet acquired Hong Kong operator We r Urban, and established its base in the city. Having started in Singapore, Hmlet today has presence in Hong Kong, Australia and Japan, making it the Asia-Pacific leader in coliving. More recently, it expanded beyond coliving, with a furniture service and listing platform.


Coliving focused on the entrepreneurial community in Hong Kong.


Earlier operators, focused on younger professionals, providing compact accommodations, across multiple locations in the city.

Mojo Nomad

A hotel marketing itself as a coliving place:  “The Newest Hotel in Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong: A Space Designed for Co-Living and Co-working.”


Spelled with three Os for “Opportunity, Openness and Originality”, this coliving operator has three locations in Hong Kong and a strong emphasis on community — as this Business Traveller article explains: First Look: Oootopia, Kai Tak in Hong Kong


Coliving operator with ample offer of2 apartments all over the city. They describe it as “Living Spaces with Hotel-Style Services”

Studio Studio

Similar to M3, compact accommodations for young professionals, serviced, all-inclusive.

The Nate

One of the most upscale coliving options in Hong Kong, offering studios in a modern building. 


In 2018, Weave was one of the earliest coliving spaces in Hong Kong. Warburg Pincus invested $418M USD in the company, to focus on real estate acquisition and coliving operations. Today it runs three buildings in Hong Kong and it has recently announced plans to enter in Singapore (with a joint venture with local developer 32RE).

Yes In Space

Service apartments and hostel operator marketing itself as a coliving place


Coliving and coworking operator, focused on students and young professionals. “our focus on community building, resource and knowledge sharing, and collaborative innovation, creates spaces that are inclusive and inspiring.”

In summary

Logos of all coliving operators in Hong Kong

Coliving in Hong Kong is definitely off to a great start. With 17 options, a variety of price ranges, locations, additional services, and some thematic communities, anyone looking for accommodation has plenty of options. Enjoy your search and your stay in Hong Kong!