The ultimate list of coliving places in Bali

Bali just announced that they are not going to reopen to the public for this year, so for now, we can only plan where to go next. For those planning, here is a list of all 14 coliving spaces in Bali.

The list of all coliving operators in Bali

Bali Bustle

A coworking place, offering also coliving, in two locations 

Biliq coliving

Coworking and coliving place in Seminyak

Camp 308

An inspiring co-living and co-working space located in the beautiful heart of Pererenan Village with only a few steps away from the beach.


A Srilankan coliving place for digital nomads, now also in Bali. Offering surf, yoga, and a nice space for remote working.

Dojo Bali 

The first coworking place in Canggu, coming with a coliving option, a strong community, and focus on social impact.

Hub Bali

Coworking offering with locations in Nusa Dua and Legian, providing also four rooms as coliving accommodation for their members.

The Onion Collective

Local coworking and coliving space, in Bali since 2007, with seven bedrooms (some private, some shared) in Ubud.


Three locations in Bali (two in Ubud and one in Canggu), with coliving and coworking, with strong emphasis on its community (or as they like to say for “a diverse crew of global citizens”).

Outsite Bali

The Bali chapter of the global coliving operator is in Canggu, in a stunning cluster of traditional Javanese villas with 9 bedrooms.


This global operator has converted a 24-bedroom contemporary hotel in Ubud for its Bali coliving.

Smena Station

Coliving in a 8-bedroom villa in Ubud, part of the global network of stations by Smena. Possibly the only space offering a Russian steam bath in Bali!

Surfing Nomads

Coliving in Canggu villa with “a bowl of smoothie every morning, surfing lessons, parties & group activities”

VAS Coliving

A 3-star hotel in Seminyak positioning tself as a coliving place

Wifi Tribe Bali

This nomad “tribe” has chosen a 18-bed villa in Canggu as its Bali location

Villas, villas, villas

Needless to say, Bali has plenty of villas and some are operated as small coliving places–just search for coliving in Bali on AirBnB and you will find plenty like this: Surfing Nomads | Co-living villa in Canggu, Bali

COVID-19 effect

All of the coliving operators in Bali are targeted at digital nomads (and some to companies, helping them to organize team retreats). Current travel restrictions have affected the operators. So far only the Hustlers Villa closed, after two years of operations. However, wiith the recent extension of the travel ban for tourists, this number is likely to grow.

In Summary

Logos of coliving places in Bali

Bali has plenty of options when it comes to coliving, with a few different flavors:

  • For those looking at moving around the globe staying within the same operator, there are global coliving options in Bali: Outsite, ROAM, Smena Station and Wifi Tribe.
  • Operators with a strong emphasis on community: Camp 308, Dojo Bali, and Outpost.
  • Local operators mainly focusing on coworking, but also providing accommodation in a coliving format: Bali Bustle, Biliq, and Hub Bali.
  • Finally, there are hotels marketing themselves as coliving spaces: Biliq, VAS