Ten benefits of using ColivHQ as a coliving operator

10 benefits of using colivhq as your coliving software

Are you still running your coliving business with spreadsheets and shared drives? Or are you using many tools to take care of various aspects of the business? Whether you are a small team with one home or a larger operator with multiple homes across a few cities, here is a list of benefits that ColivHQ can bring you.

1. Reduce the need to use too many tools having to conduct complex tech integrations

A common challenge that many coliving operators face is that they have to use and integrate many tools to be able to provide a coherent online experience to their prospects and members (see Indispensable tools for coliving operators for more about this). With ColivHQ you can replace multiple tools with only one tool, and one that is specifically designed for coliving.

2. Keep it all in one place

You can store in ColivHQ all your information about your homes, your prospects, your members, their requests, and their bills. You can store in one place not only data, but also images and documents.

3. Do not let opportunities fall through the cracks

ColivHQ includes a simple CRM for you and your team to receive and manage prospects through the onboarding process.

4. Make it easy to connect your website and provide accurate up-to-date information to your prospective members

As easy as four steps taking less than a hour to complete (see How to create a website for your coliving business, with home inventory listing, in less than one hour)

5. Automate repetitive tasks, such as emails and bills

Sending bills can be a full day of work once a month, or a few minutes every day. Regardless of your billing cycle, someone has to do this manually. ColivHQ automates billing and makes it faster to answer emails, with templates for your and your team members. Not only does this eliminate mundane work for you, but it also creates a consistent experience for your members.

6. Have a central repository for your home inventory data and push this to other places (such as listing partners), without having to manually update too many records

If you are working with listing partners (such as Anyplace), ColivHQ can push your availability and other updates automatically. Without you or your team having to keep updating information in one or more listing websites manually. If you are not using listing partners yet, now is a good time to start. ColivHQ makes it as easy as possible.

7. Provide reliable reporting to your landlords (and reduce the administrative work of property management arrangements)

Whether you are doing property management, and need to share revenue information periodically, or it’s about the maintenance works in your homes, ColivHQ makes it easy to create simple reports for your landlord partners.

8. Keep track of all issues happening in your homes and the progress of the solutions

There is always something to fix at home… and it’s more so in a coliving home. With ColivHQ you can keep track of your members’ requests and of the actions that you or your team are taking.

9. Share (and monetize) leads with other operators

Ever thought of sharing leads with other operators? ColivHQ comes with this feature out of the box.

10. Improve onboarding of new team members by having your processes and procedures built into your system (with simple reminders, to-do’s, and guided next steps)

The benefit of having everything in one place, of automating some processes, of being able to keep track of all prospective members requests and current members maintenance issues gets more and more tangible when you have to onboard new team members and train them on your processes. 

In conclusion

Some of the benefits are more relevant for larger operators, and when you are getting started you may not see the advantages of using ColivHQ. However, you can start for free, and continue to use the full features of ColivHQ free, until you have more than five units. Try it for yourself! You can sign up at https://mobile.colivhq.com/ and do not hesitate to contact us (at hello@colivhq.com) for more information on how we could help you.