Overview of ColivHQ – launch release

We have just launched the first version of ColivHQ. ColivHQ covers all coliving operational needs end-to-end, from management of an operator’s inventory to prospective members’ leads, and ongoing management of maintenance issues to monthly billing. Here is an overview of what’s included in the launch release and a peek into what’s coming up soon

Home inventory management

Have your rooms reservations, availability, info, and content all in one place

ColivHQ homes inventory

ColivHQ is a property management system (PMS) for coliving operators specifically. It helps you to keep and track information about your homes, rooms, and beds (to support different models), in larger buildings or across different apartments around town, providing a simple reporting functionality, to keep your landlords always up to date. 

Homes, rooms, beds

Keep all your information about your homes, rooms, beds in one place. From photos to measurements, from home guides to requirements, everything you and your team need to run your business in a centralized location. The system can be customized to your needs, whether you want to have different prices by length of stays, or the flexibility to price beds, rooms, and homes separately, you can do it with ColivHQ.

Detailed view of one room record

Home report for landlords

You are also able to display the performance of one single home and create a report of the revenue generated and the issues related to one home (if you are reporting this information monthly to your landlords, for example, to pay them a monthly rent based on your revenue).

View of the monthly report for one home

Homes CMS

Connect your inventory management to your website and provide real time info about availability, (anonymised) info about the current guests, and all your content, including pictures and 3D virtual tours of your properties

Homes listed on ColivHQ.com

In addition to storing information about your properties, ColivHQ makes it easy to share and distribute this info to other systems, such as your website or third party listings. This out of the box content management system (CMS) functionality avoids duplication of data and complex integrations, all while keeping in mind mobile usability.

Real time inventory and more for your website

You can use ColivHQ (and the Google Cloud Platform which ColivHQ runs on) as your CMS. Not only your inventory information, available in real time, but also information about the housemates, all pictures of your buildings, homes, rooms, reviews, maps, etc…Here is more about how you can connect your website to our platform via ColivHQ APIs. And if you are looking to build your website, you can use our frontend template (in Nuxt.js) to jumpstart your project. Here is more info about it: How to create a website for your coliving business, with home inventory listing, in less than one hour

Homes listed on New CoLive website, based off of ColivHQ home inventory

Mobile friendly 

All images are saved in various sizes and versions. You decide which versions you want, for computers, tablets and phones, all as you define it into your company settings. 

ColivHQ mobile picture selection

Channel manager

Your inventory data is not only there for you to see, but it’s available for you to publish on your website or for third party services to access. Leveraging on the same APIs as your frontend, you can connect other systems that need to get updates from you (here is the example of how Casa Mia Casa Tua connected to Anyplace.com). 

Inventory from Casa Mia Casa Tua, running on ColivHQ, being displayed on Anyplace.com

Lead capture and management 

Feed leads from your website, chatbots, or other online forms to the platform, via open APIs, and manage these leads throughout your sales and onboarding process. 

Request pipeline in ColivHQ

ColivHQ helps you keep track of all prospective members, their requests, and even makes it possible to share leads with other operators (and monetise them). 

Lead capture

ColivHQ has an easy to use set of APIs for you to push data from your own website or other systems. All you need is an account with ColivHQ and you will have an access key to be able to post data directly from your website, to have everything in one place. If you do not have the in-house capability to push data to an API, our team can do that for you (depending on which platform you use for your website) And of course, the leads generated by listing on ColivHQ.com are already coming into your dashboard.

ColivHQ request form

If you are new to coliving, our form fields will give some best practice guidelines on which questions to ask prospective members. If you have your own form, our flexible data structure will accommodate your data in the best possible way. This will allow you to track individual leads, requests from those leads, and follow up actions.

Pre-built lead form template

What if you don’t have a website yet, with forms to collect leads? Here is a good starting point for you: How to create a website for your coliving business, with home inventory listing, in less than one hour

Request pipeline and quick actions

Once you have all your leads in one place, time to work them. We help you to make sure that every lead gets a follow up, whether it’s someone who has already identified where they want to stay or someone who was scouting out long in advance, we have simple to do activities and reminders to make sure that not a single prospect or opportunity falls through the cracks. And all of this, with plenty of guidance. Based on which step of the sales process each lead is in, you will have a list of different possible actions to take.

Quick actions on Requests in ColivHQ

Lead sharing

If there is a lead that is “not for you”, because of some of the requirements or inventory constraints, do not simply do nothing. You can share the lead with other operators in the same city as yours (and get paid, if someone else closes that lead). How does lead sharing work?

30 day availability (at a glance)

Having everything in one single place, also means that you can see everything at a glance. The availability view is what allows you to do so. It shows what the status of your inventory is, unit by unit (whether you choose to break it down to the bed), and what is happening with move-ins and move-outs.

Availability in ColivHQ

This feature is not only for reporting purposes.  Your sales team can also leverage this same view when they are looking for a room for a prospect. They can open the availability view and look for a certain type of room, directly from the request record they are working that opportunity.

Members CRM

Keep the info about your members (contact info, documentation, contracts, …) all in one place

ColivHQ members' CRM

ColivHQ allows coliving operators to keep all their data in one place. Members are the center of it, which makes it easy to get an holistic view of what’s happening with a meme, at any given time. From requests to issues, emails and survey results, all is automatically linked back to the members. 

Member-centric view

Whether you are running a small or large coliving business a great customer experience hinges also on good data about your customers. With ColivHQ you have all their info in one place, from the first contact, until they leave (yes, members leave eventually…) You will be able to see every transaction with them, whether they had a request, a billing issue, a compliment for someone in your team. It’s all in there, for you and your team to have the right data anytime you need it.

Member's detailed view

Outbound and inbound emails

You are able to send emails directly from ColivHQ, to be able to find them quickly in the future, and you can also receive email directly in ColivHQ, to keep track of new requests coming in or support issues being raised via generic email aliases, such as sales@ or help@, by adding these email addresses in ColivHQ.

Maintenance issue tracking

Enter user requests, resolution activities and tasks for your team 

List of all maintenance issues in ColivHQ

Part of a good customer experience includes good customer service. Tracking of maintenance issues is the core of day-to-day coliving operations.  

Issues and solutions

ColivHQ’s maintenance tracking allows you and your team to see all the issues that your members have been reporting, their resolutions, who worked on the issues (whether that was something resolved in-house or from an outside vendor).

Not only, your real estate acquisition team can also use this information to share records of everything that has been done to keep a property in tiptop condition; your landlords will appreciate the detailed records.

Details of one maintenance issue record

Email based

Emails are the main medium to keep track of ongoing maintenance issues in ColivHQ, making it easy for members to raise issues and for the operator’s team to keep things organized. 


Create and manage monthly recurring bills or one-off bills

List of all bills in ColivHQ

ColivHQ makes it easy to automate recurring work, such as billing. 

Automated bills

Billing can get complicated, and certainly do not want to keep track of it manually. With ColivHQ, you can set up automatic billing for your members to get a monthly invoice directly in their inbox. Whether you are billing at the end of each month, or every 30 days, whether you charge an all-inclusive fee or separate amounts for extras, charge a deposit or not, you can set this all up in your billing preferences, and then create automatic bills directly in your requests. And if you need to create a one off bill for something unexpected, or a credit note, you always have the option to do one off bills.

Once the bills are done, you can automatically send them or you can decide to check them one-by-one and send each out, directly from ColivHQ.

Bills settings in ColivHQ setup

ColivHQ grows with you

We have a number of functionalities in the works. As a famous software vendor always says at the beginning of every presentation, software purchase decisions should be made on the basis of what’s currently available. However, coming onboard with ColivHQ means that you will be able to input into new functionalities to be added, whether that’s in the area of reporting, billing, payment or incremental improvements to current functionalities. 

Here are some of the functionalities which we will likely prioritize in the coming months:

  1. Email workflow to be able to automate some of the most repetitive tasks (like reminding a new member about their move in or sharing info about their new home).
  2. Lead submission via Zapier, to make it possible for you to connect even more systems, without having to get too technical.
  3. Gmail app add-on to be able to see requests and issues in a sidebar in your Gmail client directly. Still keep everything in one place, but do it conveniently! 🙂
  4. Reports for people looking well in advance. People looking for next month and two months out.
  5. Customer satisfaction surveys, after move in, after maintenance, and other key events.
  6. A members portal for them to be able to view their bills and raise issues in a self-service fashion.
  7. Reviews (incl approval for publishing).
  8. Whitelabel members’ mobile app, to make it possible for any size coliving company to launch their own branded mobile app.

Try ColivHQ for free

You can try, and even use, ColivHQ for free. It’s completely free to use for coliving operators starting off, and having less than five units. Sign up here: https://mobile.colivhq.com/