ColivHQ’s New Features: Elevating Coliving Management

ColivHQ lead management tool for coliving

ColivHQ has been on a remarkable journey over the past three years, continually innovating to offer coliving operators the best property management solutions. As we launch our new website, we’re thrilled to give you a preview of some of the most exciting features we’ve recently added to our platform.

Improved Home Inventory/Availability

One of the most significant updates is enhancing our home inventory and availability features. You can easily view a list of available homes directly within the email composer. This feature streamlines the booking process, making it easier for operators and tenants to manage reservations.

Staff App with Twilio Integration

Our new Staff App is another game-changer, especially for teams always on the move. Integrated with Twilio, the app allows staff members to call and send WhatsApp messages directly from the company’s main number. This ensures seamless communication and enhances the overall efficiency of your operations.

A Glimpse of What’s to Come

While these are just a couple of the many features we’ve been working on, they offer a glimpse into the future of coliving management. Our upcoming website will provide a comprehensive overview of all the features available on ColivHQ, designed to make your life as a coliving operator easier than ever.

As we gear up for the launch of our new website, we couldn’t be more excited to share these updates with you. Stay tuned for more details, and in the meantime, feel free to contact us to learn more about how ColivHQ is revolutionizing the coliving industry.

About ColivHQ

ColivHQ enables coliving, shared living, HMO operators, and landlords of residential buildings to manage all aspects of coliving businesses. It runs your operations so that you can focus on your community. ColivHQ helps you retain tenants, maximize revenue, streamline repetitive, time-consuming tasks, and create a long-lasting community with its unique tenant-matching capabilities. Grow your coliving business across multiple sites and have all the tools you need to build, run, and grow a great coliving business.