Are investors coming back to coliving in 2021?

Congratulations to Cohabs on their recently announced EUR 58M round (Brussel-based network of coliving spaces Cohabs has raised €58 million in a Series B round)! Is it me, or does it feel like investors are interested again in coliving (after a bit of COVID-break)?

Successful coliving operators deliver superior customer experience, not “just” convenience

coliving user experience

As a coliving operator, you typically provide a combination of affordability, community, and convenience. Depending on your model and location, sometimes one element is more important or visible than others. For example, in expensive global cities like New York, London or Hong Kong, affordability is the first thing that comes to mind. However, even in those expensive cities, community and convenience are big factors in the equation. Successful operators have done a great job establishing their brands as leaders in all these three — think of your favorite coliving brand if you want an example.

The ultimate list of coliving places in Bali

Bali just announced that they are not going to reopen to the public for this year, so for now, we can only plan where to go next. For those planning, here is a list of all 14 coliving spaces in Bali.

The ultimate list of coliving places in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Ho Chi Minh Coliving spaces

This week, we looked at the coliving places in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), and we made a list of all of the options available in the city. Actually, it’s surprising to see that there are only four options currently available, and really only one option available to foreigners moving to the city.

The effect of COVID19 on coliving businesses

How is coliving faring during the COVID19 crisis? It depends on where you are.  To complement the anecdotal evidence from articles, we looked at some quantitative indicators of occupancy with operators in major coliving markets (in Singapore, India, Europe, Brazil, United States). Singapore In The Business Times article, a few operators were talking about how […]

Partner focus: Casa Mia Casa Tua

Today. we welcome to the ColivHQ platform our first coliving company in Singapore. Here is an introduction of Casa Mia Casa Tua, with five answers directly from the operator. Enjoy!

How landlords can get higher returns with coliving

coliving returns around the world

How much better is coliving for landlords? It depends on the place. We looked at rental yields for coliving properties in ten major cities (and coliving epicenters) globally. Let’s follow the sun for a tour of rental yields in coliving across the globe.

The ultimate list of coliving places in Singapore

coliving spaces in singapore

Since there is no Expedia or Agoda for coliving, we thought of making a list of all available options. Hopefully, this list will help anyone relocating to Singapore, moving out of their current long-term lease and wanting some flexibility, or looking for a more convenient and social way of living in the city.